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Utah Chapter

Welcome to the heart of where it all started and home to the President and Founder. 

Meet the Ladies


Dottie Deuce

Founder & Pres

My name is Angie, aka Dottie Deuce. I am the president and founder of Dotties Dames Pinups Utah, Colorado and Arizona. I started the Dames July 2011 while at the Cache Valley Cruise-in with my family. Since my childhood in the 80's I have been submerged in the classic car culture and scene by my dad. After developing a love for old cars and culture I decided that I would create a group of amazing women made from different economic backgrounds, races and professions to not only embrace and bring to life the rockabilly-pinup and classic car culture but to serve the incredible communities we live in at the same time! A mortgage professional and dog mom by day, becoming the leader of a group of incredible women has added joy and substance to my life and I wouldn't be the woman I am today without each experience good or bad that came with the Dottie's Dames Pinups organization!

Dottie 2022.jpg

Lavender Lily

Northern Utah Chapter Director

I’ve been with DDP since 2016 and it’s been one of the best decisions of my life! I am a momma to 3 beautiful boys and 1 fur baby. I also have a full time career as a mortgage underwriter. I love the work we do with our local communities and charities, but I also love when we get dolled up and have photo shoots for the DDP calendar or just for fun!! In short I’m sassy, classy and a little badass-y

Lavender Lily 2021.jpg

Jazzie Mae

Hello everyone I am Jazzie Mae!

I’m classy and sassy. I always have had a passion with hair and makeup. Especially vintage style. I love to help others feel and look beautiful. So I decided to make it one of my careers/hobbies. I am also a butcher and baker. Most importantly I am a mother of my beautiful daughter and three fur babies. Who are my whole world.

I love to help out our local communities and charities. In ways that I can. Being a Dame helps me do that. When I wanna be a part of something I am in at full-heartedly.

Jazzie Mae1.jpg

Rosemarie Divine

Vice President

Hey ya'll! I live a busy life, happily married with three children and multiple pets. I'm a full time CVT at a fast paced emergency veterinary clinic. In my spare time I love hanging out with my sisters in Dotties Dames Pinups, supporting other women, having fun at car show and helping with charity events! I also do some modeling on the side!


Nyxy Vixen 

Utah Chapter President

Grateful to be part of this organization since 2018, where I've had the chance to rapidly rebuild my confidence, courage and outreach.  Wife & Momma to a rowdy crowd keeps me on my toes. We try to set up like a well oiled machine but know that like any good vehicle it takes time & needs maintenance. Seeing things operate smoothly and helping out in any way I can find is what makes me tick.  I have a passion for service and this group is the best to provide a myriad of opportunities. From getting involved with the community, charities, pageants and businesses, I enjoy every second. Nerdy, dirty, and rolling with it. That's the life for me!


Bleu Love

From pinup, puppies and business I follow what I'm passionate about 

Bleu Love.jpg

Scarlett Tease
Salt Lake Chapter Director

Hey y'all. I'm a riot and busy as it gets not only as the new DDP Assistant Chapter Director but also an education advocate for the U hospital system and work in the surgery department.  I can be found kicking ass with Roller Derby, hitting the sidelines with RSL Soccer, nerding out with cosplay, cooking, fishing, camping, rockin' mom life and plain acting a fool while making the best of things.  Keep up or get out of the way! 


Lola Ray

"Long legs give the world's best view". I did my first Dames event 2 days after I was running and dislocated my knee! You couldn't tell by the photos but my first pictures with the Dames, I was balancing on one leg in short pumps.  Although this is my first year with the Dames, I have been in love with all things vintage since I was little. Especially the classic cars and history of strong female pinups. I am a state certified EMT and I am working on my goal of nursing school.  I have a passion for helping others even if it be just a smile. You can find me with a big smile on my face whether it be behind the bars of my motorcycle or all dressed up vintage style rockin' a good pair of heels. I love to read Archie Comic books with my fur babies. My mother is my biggest supporter to my retro kick and has contributed to my obsession with all things Betty Boop since I was 8. I wholeheartedly believe in the importance of being a strong kick ass woman and I'm so blessed to be a part of a group that is nothing BUT that. 



I'm a vintage goth lover and a Halloween fanatic that's visible in my business printing, designs & balloons. I'm a dog mom of 3 pitties and a human mom of 2 all while making time to do what I enjoy. 



Interested in this Sisterhood? Your photo could be here. 


Mz Lemon Drop

Hey guyz I’m Mz lemon drop I am silent but deadly. As I’m joining Dottie Dames I also am a full time veterinarian technician and striving to be a full time vet, I have aways had the passion for animals and helping them through anything possible. I have my own fur baby & one unfortunately flying high. I also use be a full time cheerleader and loved every minute. I love being with my friends in my spare time & protect them at all cost…. Sweet, sensitive and sometimes cold at heart.


Meet our Prospects:

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