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"Encouraging, Empowering and providing Support"

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Dottie’s Dames Pinups was created by Angie Rowan, aka Deviant Dottie Deuce in July of 2011.






After decades of previously being submerged in the classic car culture of the 1950s & 1960s by her dad, a classic car enthusiast, she knew that she wanted to take her vision of starting a promotional/event planning group made up entirely of women to the next level. Focusing in 2012 mainly on work with charities, local business, and artists.


Originally based out of the state of Utah,  Dottie’s Dames Pinups has become well-known with additional state chapters in Colorado and Arizona.

We have our hands in everything from modeling, merchandising promoting (local bands, car clubs, car shows, vendors, roller derby) and charitable work.




Why would you want to join? We are first and foremost a sisterhood. We are a group of women made up of Sisters, Mothers, Wives, Girlfriends, Professionals , you name it, but our titles do not define us. We show we can be sexy, classy, business driven and all-around kick-ass! We prove you can form bonds for life, serve your local communities and look good doing it!

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