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President & Founder

dottie deuce

My name is Angie, aka Dottie Deuce. I am the president and founder of Dotties Dames Pinups Utah, Colorado and Arizona. I started the Dames July 2011 while at the Cache Valley Cruise-in with my family. Since my childhood in the 80's I have been submerged in the classic car culture and scene by my dad. After developing a love for old cars and culture I decided that I would create a group of amazing women made from different economic backgrounds, races and professions to not only embrace and bring to life the rockabilly-pinup and classic car culture but to serve the incredible communities we live in at the same time! A mortgage professional and dog mom by day, becoming the leader of a group of incredible women has added joy and substance to my life and I wouldn't be the woman I am today without each experience good or bad that came with the Dottie's Dames Pinups organization!

I can be found in the UT Chapter

We are first and foremost a sisterhood. We are a group of women made up of Sisters, Mothers, Wives, Girlfriends, Professionals , you name it, but our titles do not define us. We show we can be sexy, classy, business driven and all-around kick-ass!


Vice President

Harvest Hellion

Hey, I'm Harvest Hellion. I'm super proud to say I'm the Vice President of the Dottie's Dames Pinups organization, and the leader of our Colorado chapter! I love the Dames, because it is a strong, powerful sisterhood that believes in empowering women, that everyone is equal, and the strong beliefs we cherish as  group. We believe all women are beautiful, and that together, we can conquer anything! I really love Halloween, Disney, and anything Denver Broncos. I love to travel, and I'm a rollercoaster fanatic. I love adventure. I'm a cake maker, and love expressing my creativity through the cakes I make. Being a part  of the DDP has made me not only stronger, but wiser. I am dedicated, and loyal to my Dame sisters. They mean everything to me. I will always be proud to be a part of something so incredibly special. Thank you Dottie's Dames!! 

I can be found in the CO Chapter

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